How can I switch to full TV surround?

Hello :) . I have a playbar and have just added 2 x PLAY:1 surrounds (left and right) via Bridge. By default the music playback for the PLAY:1 speakers was ambient, I've been able to change this to "full" through my iPad. No problems here. Now I'm looking to do the same for TV, although Im not seeing a similar setting. Is this possible? Thanks :)

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My Solution...get a set of speakers from another room and use them in the TV room when I want the full sound to be available for watching older movies or tv shows that do not take advantage of the 5.1 production capabilities of newer media.
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First - there must be some limiting factor as to why Sonos has never implemented this. It would be nice if a button was available like night mode that you could just switch on and off full.

It's not horribly difficult to just unpair them from the playbar in a case where you really want them to be full sound with TV audio. You would go into settings...playbar...Remove surrounds. It takes about a minute and then they will be there own zone that you can group in and have full sound. Probably faster then going and getting a speaker from another room.

You could also use a program like Sonosequencer which I believe will very quickly pair and unpair.
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Nicka99 to me it seems the link is broken...
At least on my android mobile phone.

On Denon this mode is called "multi channel stereo"
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It was just a thread regarding same limitation

No difference then what has been said above.

Fact is: Multichannel Stereo Mode (Full Mode in Sonos Terms) is only available on Playbar with Sonos music played from app (it will not work with the optical input from TV).

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