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I installed a Playbar with SUB and two Play 1's last night, using a bridge. Everything works well for the TV (Panasonic Viera). But for music through my Android device, the Play 1's are not putting out any sound. Only the Playbar and Sub seem to be working. Please help troubleshoot. Thanks, Satyam

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Got exactly the same problem but with two Play 3´s. This is not the way I thought it would work...a true dealbreaker for me.

Found this.....

Great news!

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Hello Satyam,

Peter is correct in referring you to this topic. At the moment, the Sonos 5.1 setup will only use the rear-speakers when playing from a DD5.1 source.

In one of the updates in the future, this will change, and the rear-speakers will be used to their full potential even when playing stereo TV sound, or any other stereo music source.

Kind regards,

Bjorn L.


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