hands-free operation on kitchen cabinets?

  • 28 November 2017
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I am considering getting one or two Play:5s to put on our kitchen cabinets. We have a vaulted ceiling, so plenty of space above the cabinets.
My concern is around being able to turn the speakers on and leave them on permanently so I don't have to climb up and adjust volume, do bluetooth / wireless setup, etc.
What are your experiences doing this? Is this a feasible thing to do?
Also, the kitchen is open to a great room, total of about 1,000 square feet, so should I get two Play:5s, or will one do?

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3 replies

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The speakers stay on, even when not in use. FYI, there is no Bluetooth built into any Sonos device. But once you have the Play:5s setup via the app and Wifi, you shouldn't need to touch them again (unless they somehow become unpaired and need to be set up again or if you wanted to use the line in feature).
Once you initially setup the speakers, you shouldn't have to touch the speakers again. I don't know if you're going to get good sound quality up there though as the cabinets may get in the way and speakers are best at 'ear' height. If you can place the speakers so they are pointed down, I'd maybe do that.

As for one or 2 Play:5s some one else might be able to recommend better than me, as I don't own any. However, I do have an open kitchen/great room that's a probably a little smaller than yours. I have a playbar/sub/ 2 Play:3s, and it's more than enough sound. With the current sales, the Play:3s are $250 each, so you could get 4 of these to place in the 4 corners of your room for the price of a pair of P:5s. That may give you a bit better coverage without it being much louder in the kitchen.

Another thought, the PLAY:1s are only $150. I have a pair of these in my bedroom, which is probably about 400 sqft. It's lack a bit in base, but is rather good. At that price though, you could get a pair of these plus a SUB (or playbar/playbase) for the same price as a pair of PLAY:5s. if you have a a tv on the opposite wall from your kitchen, that may be the way to go.

Point is, you've got good options, especially with this sale.
At USD 150, the 1 becomes even better value than what it always was. And being smaller, you may find more places for it where it can be placed or wall mounted to allow it to be aimed in the general direction of the ears. Further, throw in a Dot and place it closer to the working areas to allow easy use of the speaker/s, even if the listener has both hands in a mixing bowl.

The annexed room will hear the music, but will only get the best experience via a speaker/s located in it, no matter what you do in the kitchen. This could be a 1, 1 pair, 5, 5 pair, or either pair with a Sub.