Group playback keeps stopping

I have a play one and a play 3 and when grouped the playback keeps stopping. No Internet issues no other devices running. No issues with just the play one. Diagnostic code 4746846. Please do something as this is driving me mad and at the price for sonos equipment I don't expect these sort if basic issues. Thanks Greg

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I too have 2 plays 1's and they almost daily cut out when I'm using TunIn radio (BBC Radio 4). And then today it suddenly it announced "that due to rights restrictions transmission is stopped" which I find exceedingly annoying. report log 4747099 Regards Peter
I forgot to mention that I am using a bridge as well, also coincidentally i am using TuneIn Radio.
Peter - your problem is probably down to changes to the streams made by the BBC, unannounced, a few months back.  Sonos is, I understand, still working on a solution for this.  But the diagnostic should enable Support to determine if this is the case.

Greg - your problem is almost certainly down to some sort of vulnerability in your home networking, not Sonos itself.  Having said that, you need Sonos to work for you, of course.  To make your system generally more robust:

1. If you are using wifi mode, consider getting a Bridge and using SonosNet

2. If you already have a component wired to your router, make sure it is not too close to your router, and check that SonosNet is on a different channel from your home wifi network

3. If you have any wifi extenders or additional access points, come back here for further advice

4. Try a complete shutdown and reboot as follows:

Shut down all of the following, then re-power, in this order, one unit at a time:
Wired Sonos Players and Bridges
Wireless Sonos Players and Bridges
NAS if you use one
Everything else (computers, printers, etc.)
Wait until the component is fully up before restarting the next on the list.

If none of that works, run a system diagnostic right after the problem occurs and post the reference back here. Call Sonos Support if you want to hurry the process along a bit. 

Sonos is a very robust system and there will almost certainly be a fairly easy solution to your problems.
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Hi Greg,

There appears to be some wireless interference which is causing communication errors between your Sonos speakers. Please start by changing the Sonos wireless channel, here's how.

Also, please make sure that your BRIDGE is not too close to your router. It is a good idea to keep a foot or two of distance between your BRIDGE and router.

There may be other devices in your home causing wireless signal interference. Common sources of interference include cordless phones (especially DECT phones), baby monitors, wireless tvs, wireless security cameras, and wireless printers. If any such device is near, or in between your Sonos speakers please move them further away, or temporarily power them off to see if the playback issues stop.
Tried everything suggested but still happening. Diagnostic code 4771295
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Tried everything suggested but still happening. Diagnostic code 4771295
Hi Greg,

Your BRIDGE is having a hard time communicating with your Portable unit. There is elevated levels of interference showing on each of these units. It also looks like there are 4 wireless networks within range on the same channel as your Sonos system. Please try changing your Sonos wireless channel to 6.

If this does not help, let me know and I'll get you in touch with our phone team for further troubleshooting.


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