Greetings from a new Play:5 owner (from Italy)! Just received mine this morning and I am pretty surprised of the sound, amazing at the first glance with default settings.

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Have you done trueplay tuning yet?
Not yet, DHL arrived at 8:30, setup in 10 minutes, 5 minutes to try and then go to my work office ....I will play with true play this evening. The first overal impression is excellent with my favourite song. I usually listen with earbuds (Shure Pro Series) and Bose...well pretty impressive and far superior than my old Bose Docker.
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I don't think trueplay makes as huge a difference with the Play:5 as some of the smaller speakers. Of course its room dependent so some may find the difference more dramatic.
I will make some tests. Play:5 sits in a central position in my living room (40sqm), beneath the TV connected wired to my Cisco SG350 switch within a dedicated VLAN for media (2 NAS, Media Players, PS4, TVs).
When you can, see how good two of them, set up as a stereo pair, sound!
Well, after near 1000 songs played, with default and True Play I can say the unit is awesome and I will stay with True Play settings.
I am also satisfied about Line-In performances (Source is TV), autoplay works flawlessly and levels are pretty fine.
When you can, see how good two of them, set up as a stereo pair, sound!
I think I will buy another 😃
Lol. Remember to run Trueplay again when you set them up as a stereo pair. And before you do, try them in both vertical and horizontal modes to see what sounds better to you in your room.


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