Garage Mounted Sonos Play 1 Right to the Garage Door Opener

  • 30 April 2019
  • 6 replies

I mounted my Sonos Play 1 directly to my garage door opener. Why? Why not 🙂 The garage sounds great now! I used a #20 `1/4 inch machine screw and a couple of lock washers. Very easy to do.

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6 replies

Interesting. Do you mean the motor mounted on the ceiling of your garage? Did you mount it to a metal bracket or actually drilled into the motor itself? How did you handle the power. I think the motors run on normal AC plugs (mine does) , so I'm guess you just used a multi-outlet off of that line.

edit: Just saw pictures. Questions answered.

In my last home, I had a "internet enabled" garage door opener, and found the the LCD lights that I put in it could sometimes interfere with the wifi reception. I'd think that in operation, that garage door opener could have the potential to interfere with the wifi signal of the speaker.

On the other hand, what an ideal placement to get excellent coverage in the garage!
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I like that idea but the door openers can be a bit nasty electrically so I'd add a surge suppressor to the Sonos to keep it a bit safer.
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Doesn't the vibration when the door opens/closes concern you? I'd be worried about it shaking my Sonos to bits.
A couple of lock washers and faith that Sonos can withstand a little shake, rattle, and roll. The dust concerns me more than the vibration, but we will see how it holds up. I know I'm pushing the reasonable limits on this unit.