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I have an outdoor tv that I would like to be able to play over my Sonos amps that have wired outdoor speakers connected.  However, I don't want to connect one of the SONOS indoor sound bars to be able to play my TV across all my outdoor speakers.  Has SONOS considered some sort of adapter that would connect to the tv audio outputs (but not necessarily a speaker) that would be visible in the app to group other speakers with?   Or a very small speaker that would connect to the tv that would be hidden behind a mounted tv? 


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Sonos doesn’t announce future or potential product information like this to the public. They usually only make official product announcements when the product is actually available or will be available soon.

Is it possible for you to connect the outdoor TV to one of the Amps with an HDMI cable?

While the 75ms latency would result in less than optimal lip sync, you could connect the TV’s audio output to a SONOS Line-In. This audio connection could be to a SONOS PORT near the TV or to one of your AMP’s. At this point you could Group the AMP’s. Of course, this would be a stereo arrangement, not surround sound.

not ideally.  I would need to have the amp outdoors.  thx for the response.