FLAC audio file for Trueplay retuning should be stored in Sonos device

  • 22 December 2016
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Before I explain, let me quote the request I received from Technical Support on my "query": "It would definitely be possible to setup Trueplay for offline but we use a large FLAC file that would increase the app size significantly. As stated previously you are more than welcome put in a feature request on the community forum."

Now, the nature of my query: How to travel with a pair of Play 1s that are already set up with an Airport Express, in a situation where the Airport Express may not be connectable to a modem in the room where I want to use the speakers, or where there simply is no means of connecting the Airport Express to the local network (most hotel rooms, for instance, no longer have an Ethernet cable). The Sonos is a wifi-based speaker system, as opposed to Bluetooth, and herein lies both the advantage and disadvantage - better quality sound, more restricted connectivity.

However, once a wifi connection is established with a router, Sonos is quite capable of functioning without an active Internet connection. The only thing I want it to be able to do, which it cannot right now, is retune to a new room, because the audio file used to retune does not reside (a) in one or both of the Play 1s (where it surely could reside, along with other firmware information which is periodically updated) or (b) within the IOS Sonos app I use to operate my Sonos systems (I have two sets of Play 1s running on own router, in my bedroom and livingroom, and one set of Play 1s on another router in my office). Why could the audio file not be added to the app, or downloaded onto the Play 1s?

So, Tech Support says that what I'm asking for "would definitely be possible". If the FLAC file used to retune is too big to add to the app, what about adding it to the motherboard contained in every Sonos speaker? I'm not sure how to turn this into a request to Sonos.

Meanwhile, for those who might be curious about my particular setup, here is the rest of the note to Tech Support that prompted the above-quoted response:

"Just an aside - I've kept my third office Play 1 pair on the Airport Express router to avoid having to reconfigure that pair if I take it on the road with me. You'll remember that changing a pair of speakers from one wifi network to another requires plugging one of the Play 1s physically into the new router, which hopefully will one day, soon, be accomplished wireless. If the network switch was wireless, that would make it easier to travel with my Sonos speakers to places like hotels where there is Internet, but no Ethernet plugs or cables in each room.

Again, my problem has to do with retuning, which is actually a big deal, since it's the tuning of the speakers that makes the sound qualitatively better than anything I've been able to get out of my various Bluetooth stereo sets (I have, for instance, two Minirigs and a Minirig woofer) or my wired Bose SoundMates (which are amazing for their size, but the speakers can't be set very far apart, and the whole thing requires a lot of wires, which drive me crazy).

So, I'm not asking my Sonos speakers to tell me the time, answer questions about the news or the weather, or turn on smarthome features. I'm asking them to play great sound, thanks to the retuning feature, wherever I take them on the road with me. All that would require is that the audio file be stored in the speakers or part of the app when I want to retune in a new location." [THE END]

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