Feedback before returning Play3

  • 1 September 2018
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Just some feedback before we return our recently purchased Play3.
While the sound from the Play3 is excellent the user experience from the phone app is so poor we cannot justify keeping it.
What we expected:
The same experience as using our primary streaming apps (spotify and pocket cast) and the audio comes out the sonos speaker.
What we got:
A substandard, difficult to use user interface which does not have the features we use in the native apps. For instance:- in spotify I search for an artist then can immediately shuffle play all their music. In the sonos app I can search for an artist and can play each album but not all their music shuffled together. In pocket cast I want a list of my unplayed podcasts. Then I want the ones I listen to on the sonos to update as played or update where I have listened up to in pocket casts.

Without those features the sonos is useless to us. After more research it seems we should have purchased a chromecast audio with a speaker.
Anyway, just some feed back so you know what experience some customers were expecting when making the purchase.

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