Feature Request: Storable Trueplay Tuning Profiles

  • 17 April 2018
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Hi everyone, Hi Sonos,

I've recently purchased my first Sonos speaker, a Sonos One, and I'm very happy with it! The way I use it is very mobile: I bring it with me from a desk space in the living room to the bedroom and also to another room upstairs that I like to work in sometimes. With a laptop and wi-fi everywhere, I like to hang out wherever I feel best at the moment and I take my Sonos One with me.

Now since I frequently switch between these 3 places with my speaker, it would be great to have easy access to loading whatever Trueplay Tuning profile was created in a given room instead of having to go through the procedure of creating a new one every time. I also noticed that they often come out slightly different and I keep finding myself wishing I could go back to the one I had yesterday, for example.

Therefore I think it would be very nice to have the ability to store and reload different Trueplay Tunings.

Thank you 🙂

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8 replies

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Nice idea. I use a play 5 in various rooms and would like this. I don't expect this to appear any time soon even if it were to be developed. Way too many other things in the pipeline I suspect.

A nice idea, if the Sonos One speakers were considered as being portable, but I don’t think 'the majority' of people use them in that way. Obviously one answer is to buy more Sonos One speakers for each location and that’s what Sonos would want us all to do. Pity the two room Sonos One discount offer has now ended, but other similar offers perhaps may happen in the future.

So I can’t see such an improved TruePlay feature being on their 'development to-do' list, at least not until Sonos create a cordless (rechargeable) truly portable speaker, which by all accounts, reading other threads on that matter, is most unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future and my guess is they may not bother with TruePlay at all anyway on such a portable rechargeable device.

I think if I was moving my speakers around the place fairly often. I would just leave TruePlay switched off in most instances. It all depends how long they were to remain in situ.

I think the idea was good thinking by the way, on your part, for your own personal situation, I’m just not convinced it is what is needed by the majority of Sonos One users and like I mentioned, ideally Sonos would want you to buy more speakers instead.
The workaround is to tune it for the most often used location, and toggle Trueplay off when moving the unit to other places. I too don't see this happening in a hurry, and perhaps never.
Thank you for all the replies and comments 🙂

I will most likely start using the workaround of keeping Trueplay off unless in the right room. At least for the bed room it's not a big loss: I only use it for audio books and as an alarm clock there.
In practice you may even find that it isn't worth the bother of toggling it on/off; tune it for the most used location for music, leave it on, and forget about it.
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I agree with Kumar.

And storing profiles - based on history I don’t see that ever being implemented by Sonos. Not that bad idea.
I wonder if it does make sense? i.e. how different is the profile generated by Sonos if there's an inch or two difference in placement? It's entirely possible that there is a significant difference, depending on location/distance to materials, etc. Some people might be able to place it exactly in the same place, some might not.

Just trying to think of why they may not have already done this.
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Solution from Sonos will be "buy more speakers"