feature request: roam + move as a 2.1

  • 27 June 2021
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I have a pair of roams that I use as a stereo pair. I also have a move. I was just thinking it could be pretty cool to as a high pass to the roams and a low pass to the move to be able to use these three as a 2.1 system.


I get that the move isn’t a dedicated sub, and I get that it won’t go as low as a dedicated sub, but it’s got much better bass response than the roams and I imagine one could get much better response at higher volumes from this system than running all of them full freq. 

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1 reply

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Since the Playbase has got an inbuilt sub, should Sonos make it possible to use it as just a sub and bond it to a pair of One’s when not in use as a Home Theatre device? 

Whilst there are lots of things that might be “nice to have”, the economics of enabling all the combinations outweigh the practicalities.