Feature Request: MP2 Audio codec support

  • 8 November 2018
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This might be a bit of a niche one but I figured it might be worth asking!

Basically, we have a couple of Play:3s and a Play:1 in our house. All brilliant except for one thing that I’d love to be able to do but unfortunately doesn’t work -

I have a Linux server running with digital satellite tuners (with TVHeadend). There are some satellite radio stations which I’d like to be able to listen to through the Sonos speakers. TVHeadend (the software I use), lets you stream the digital radio stations over your local network in standard HTTP in an “audio only” profile which is like an internet stream as far as media players are concerned, but without transcoding the audio.

Radio stations on satellite (and digital terrestrial too here in the UK) are usually in MP2 format, with a couple in AAC. If I add the HTTP streams for the AAC ones, they play perfectly through the Sonos speakers. However, for the MP2 ones, this doesn’t work - it reports an error playing the stream. Presumably because MP2 is not being supported?

I was just wondering if it would be possible to add MP2 support to Sonos so I could get these to work? I’ve read that most MP3 decoders can also decode MP2 audio, so I was a little surprised that it doesn’t work! It’d be awesome if it could be supported :-)

Of course, I could transcode the streams to AAC or MP3, but this kind of negates the reason I want to be able to play the MP2 streams - a lot of them are high bitrate and I’d like to listen in their original quality if possible.

I’d be happy to provide some audio samples of the MP2 streams if required! 😃

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