Feature Request: Group rooms with alarm

  • 8 January 2015
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62 replies


I'm not sure I can solve your question, but just for my own information, did you set completely seperate alarms on each device, or did you set an 'include-grouped-rooms' alarm from the advanced settings within the alarm settings itself (interface as per attached screenshots). I am presuming that you grouped the Play-3 with your Playbar? (I assume that is possible to do?).

Your question wasn't clear (to me at least) as to how you approached setting the alarm to begin with.

I have seen the alarm issue mentioned by others here before and I was wondering if the 'include-grouped-rooms' alarm toggle button, might have been the Sonos Developers earlier attempt to resolve the issues you are raising in your question?


Ken Griffiths
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Hi Ken

And thanks for the suggestion. It was more of a rant in support of the topic than a question.

I set separate Alarms for each unit because there is no option to select a group. I tried 'include(ing) grouped rooms' as per your suggestion just now, however this is not satisfactory either as I must remember to manually regroup the units prior to each Alarm. The playbar (automatically) ungroups every time I turn on the TV.

I would like to add more units with time and don't want to have to continuously reconfigure groups.

Ideally I would like to save multiple group configurations, give them custom names and then select them from the group and alarm menus.

I cannot see any challenge in adding this functionality as the grouping framework is there so all the hard work is done. I really had just assumed (as I'm sure others have) that this is how it would work. If I were a developer for Sonos and used the system I would definitely add this for my own sake. There must be a non technical reason for this glaring omission.

I'm at it again with the ranting........
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I do have some alarms now set using Smartthings and Smartthings will play alarm to set group of speakers.
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Example. My Smartthings in morning to several speakers plays the weather forecast, turns my alarm off, and plays selected songs.
"The next update"? :D

Someone needs a lesson in software development cycles.
Hopefully the Apple Homepods will push Sonos to add this feature. So dumb how they can't add this
+1 on adding the group room alarm feature. Not sure why Sonos overlooked it, whether technically difficult or low in their priority list. If the latter, well sounds like quite a few of their customer rather disappointed about lack of action! If the former, it doesn't inspire confidence when a company can't address a change that many users require, and provide no justification.
Come on Sonos, make it right....any work around now pretty rubbish and defies the Sonos otherwise good system.
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+1 for this... Can't believe I am unable to do this, such a basic thing surly?
Sonos Devs

Your grouping is broken. Like I suggested in a post a long time ago, group should have user chosen names and be persistent.
Playing on one set of speakers or one group or sending the alarm to a set of speakers or to a group should be seamless

Sad to see there's been no fix / feature added for version 8.0 released the other day
Just to add to this growing thread: the ability to set an alarm to activate different speakers in different rooms at the same time (and importantly to ensure everything remains in sync) would be excellent!

Like others, I’ve spent ages trawling through posts/internet and the Sonos app screens to try to find a solution but no joy. It definitely needs a bit of Sonos development to fix but I’m not sure why this hasn’t ever been done before... can someone from sonos dev team just explain why it’s so difficult to achieve? Obviously other stuff is still taking priority in the roadmap and if you can provide a short explanation as to why it’s not available today - just to help us understand the challenges! - it would really help ease people’s frustration.

For me anyway, I’d love to see this feature available soon!

Agree. I really want this feature. Hate it when you can vaguely hear downstairs playing the same radio station but 1-2 secs out of sync. Must be an easy fix to set a group alarm. The request is an old one so why so slow to sort it out? Got my alexa version today which is great.
I know this does not help much but I did get it working once . Eg alarm playing on two speakers (not part of a stereo pair). However it was a few sonos patches ago and never got it working since . I had assumed it was a just a bug in the Patch that stopped it working but still not possible now .
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It sepems strange to me, in many years the only upgrade to alarm functionality is snooze with version 8.2.
With this timeline we will have a new improvement for alarm in 2020 or so.

I am still waiting for improvements in volume granularity and fade in out times for sleep and wake up.
Every time there’s an update to the SONOS App I check in hopeful anticipation that this has been fixed..... but.... alas, no, the radio station I have set as my morning alarm is out of sync across three rooms and I have to manually group the rooms in order to not hear 3 different broadcasts. Very frustrating and as people have said before, surely an easy fix.
+1 from me too. Much better alarm configuration would be really welcome.
An alarm action to join and existing playing unit or group would also be good.
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sonos please implement this!!! geouped alarms!
C’mon Sonos, let us check more than one single room in alarms.
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Me too! My dog likes to listen to Radio 4 (he's a very discerning listener) in the kitchen where he sleeps at night. However, along with the rest of the household he does like to wake up to Chris Evans Radio 2 show but this isn't possible at the moment without manual intervention in the morning. Current choice is to set a separate alarm for him which would put his speaker out of sync with the other two that are grouped. Not the end of the world but would be great to set groups for alarms. Quality, ill have to try this for my dog 😃
+1 for this feature. Does the lack of an official response indicate that this long requested feature will never be implemented?
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Yes Sonos please do that...multi room possibility in alarm clocks. Can't believe this is not possible
Just adding my voice to make this capability possible - if not at least some type of official response or position from Sonos should be possible for your loyal customers - instead nothing at all. Is this a smart business decision? Is there anyone at home???
+1 on this feature, it should't be a difficult thing to implement. There's already the ability to group rooms, so doesn't make any sense why this can't be achieve with alarm. Fingers crossed the good folks at Sonos is working on this
Hi Dev Team, this request has been put up since 3 years ago. And 3 years we’ve been suffering having to keep grouping the speakers before bedtime, so we don’t wake up to annoying out-of-sync alarms. 😞