Equalizer Loudness setting

  • 30 July 2014
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My understanding of the Loudness option in the room EQ settings relates to the fact that at low  volumes we don't hear the low and high frequencies to the same level as the middle frequencies so the Loudness setting boosts the high and low frequencies. At higher volumes this isn't necessary as we hear all frequencies pretty much equally well.

So I wonder is the Loudness control dynamic so that as the volume increases it applies less boost to the low and high end or if we are to play a source at high volume should we turn off Loudness?

Thanks for any help.

1 reply

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Loudness boosts the higher and lower ends of the audio signal at all volumes, but it is dynamic to boost less at higher volumes. The setting is largely personal on which sounds better. If you're concerned about fidelity, it's better to leave loudness off and just adjust the volume on your Sonos players accordingly.