Dual input to Sonos Connect

  • 17 October 2019
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I would like to play my vinyl record player and my CD player through my Sonos Connect.  My CD player has an optical out port which I would like to link to the Connect's optical IN port.  This will leave the Connect’s RCA phono IN port vacant for me to link it to my record player via a pre-amp.  This would bypass the CD player’s DAC and also avoid the need for a switch even if one exists that would simultaneously handle optical and electrical signals.

Will my proposed setup work?

Are there any caveats to my proposed setup?

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5 replies

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Connect does not have an optical input.  To my knowledge, no Sonos device has an optical input, only analog inputs.

Well, Playbar and Playbase have optical in ports. 

The CD player will have to output analog into a switch which can toggle between CDP and turntable, and thence into the Connect’s analog Line-In.

The way to bypass all this rigmarole -- CD playback, DAC, ADC, etc -- is to rip the CDs to lossless files and put them on a network share somewhere. These days one can simply use a large flash drive plugged into a router’s USB port.

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Good point, forgot about those

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Hi Chris in Cleeve

@ratty gave a good suggestion on ripping your CD files.  However, everyone is not comfortable with creating a network share. 

You mentioned an optical out on your CD player. If your CD player is a dedicated player (meaning not a CD/DVD player) it should have analog output (RCA) as well.

So unless you have a way to levitate :relaxed: a CD to the players carriage; as well as do the same for a record, you have to walk over to the respective player.  Therefore pushing a selector button shouldn’t be much of a hassle.  Check out the switch shown Here.


Thanks Guys. You have all been very helpful and you’re correct that Connect has no optical input, only optical output port.  Should have gone to Specsavers!  I think I’ll go with 2 RCA inputs to a switch to select between vinyl and CD linked to Connect.