Do new Sonos speakers need to be 'broken in'?

  • 16 September 2017
  • 5 replies


Purchased a Playbar today. Store personnel advised a play music quietly overnight for several days/weeks to get the best sound out of the speaker. Is this true?

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5 replies

It's a myth.
I am surprised that stores personnel continues to perpetuate it - perhaps they sell HiFi kit as well?;)
I learned when I worked in a big box store that the recommended "break-in" period was 30 days. Coincidently, that was the same length of time of the no questions asked return period.

Also myths? All speaker wire runs have to be the same length so the electrons arrive at the same time, HDMI cables need to be higher speed for higher refresh rates, and digital coax cables are different from plain old video RCA cables.
How about arrows on cables for them to be connected in the same direction as the signal/electron flow? I have used these in a better forgotten past.
PS: and these had a recommended break in period as well:D
I want to change the names of my speakers etc.