Disappointed with Playbase announcement. Wanted a mid-range playbase.

  • 25 March 2017
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The reason I haven't bought a Playbar wasn't because it was a bar. The Playbase is another high end home theater speaker in a different form. I was really hoping Sonos would create a Playbase in the $350 range. One that would be suitable for bedrooms or apartments. Now you have to choose between two very expensive Sonos solutions or a suitable soundbase from someone else that is not part of your Sonos system. If you want Sonos in that room you would then have to buy a separate (and redundant) speaker.

Please Sonos, have some empathy for your enthusiasts that can't or won't plunk down $700 for a TV speaker.

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1 reply

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Hi gizmojunky.

I hear you, but given the competitiveness of the soundbar market, I'd think we can expect Sonos to continue to work hard to maintain an exceptional "higher-end" quality product that matches the rest of their line-up and integrates to the "All the music in the world in every room of your house" marketing message.

I think a less expensive TV audio offering, that would necessitate lessor audio breadth or quality (essentially a lower-standard product - kinda like a Play 3 playing TV audio) simply would water-down the quality image of Sonos (IMO). I can't see that happening... but ya never know 🙂