Different sound after update 7.1 ?

  • 2 February 2017
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It's probably me , myself and i does did somebody else but me experience a higher range [mid and high] of sound after the 7.1 update while listening to good quality recordings ? :? [don't laugh]

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7 replies

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Hi Rallywear, I don't believe there any major audio changes with 7.1, but what Sonos components are you noticing this on?
I thonk it is you, yourself and you, although not a cause for anyone to laugh - Sonos can and have tweaked the sound of speakers through updates. Haven't noticed anything myself, and i think Sonos would have said something.

Any comparison that effectively relies on your memory of the sound is going to be highly unreliable.
Yo Ryan,
I noticed it on my two play 3's and on my 4 play one's ...
I am quite sure that i have to adjust the trebleslider less high to hear the same tone of music [excuse me for my poor English]
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That's odd. What source of music do you usually listen to? Does it seem the same or different with various sources?

Also, just wondering, did you go from 7.0 to 7.1 or did you have an older version? If you had an older version it's possible you picked up an audio change from pre-7.1.

Mind submitting a diagnostic from your Sonos system and replying back with your confirmation number?

The fact that i [did] noticed the difference says something about my memory , hahaa!
And also if one joins the beta he was asked to report any [possible] differences ..
[For now i hope i have SUPERPOWER] :D;)🆒
Haha. Nothing is impossible 🙂

Because i join the beta i am rather up-to-date..
And most of the time listen and stream from Spotify and because of the significant difference after the latest update [at least thats what i think] in 'mid' and 'high' i started this topic.