Delay when playing turntable via line-in

I have a turntable connected to my Play:5's line-in jack with an RCA to 3.5mm cable. The sound is great, but you can't have the lid close on the turntable when playing a full-sized LP -- meaning you can hear the audio faintly where the needle and vinyl meet. I've tried changing the line-in source name (e.g. home theater, computer) and I've changed the audio compression setting to uncompressed. But there's still a slight delay between the audio coming from the turntable and the sound coming out of the Play:5.

I imagine there has to be a way to get rid of that delay. It's incredibly distracting, to the point that I only enjoy listening to the audio on the turntable's built-in speaker -- which is far inferior to my Sonos! Is there anything else I can try, or is there a change you can make to the software that would remedy this problem?

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Hello Nick,

The Line-In on the PLAY:5 can have around a 70ms delay. You'll want to go into Manage > Settings >Advanced and set the Audio Compression to Uncompressed to make sure you eliminate as much a delay as possible.

Hey Ryan,

I've already done that. The delay is still noticeable. I'd like to know if there's anything Sonos can do to eliminate the delay entirely.

Hi have the same problem and my solution for my configuration (one Connect next to my turntable which is on top of my amplifier and 3 Play3 in different rooms):

- OUT of my turntable to Tape IN in my amplifier then Tape OUT of my amplifier to Line-in the Sonos Connect.

So in the room with the turntable (next to my Connect) it plays directly through the amplifier with 0s delay and in the other rooms the delay is 70ms but it's much less of a problem as there is some distance between the rooms.


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