Created "Everything sonos" website and looking for your videos and input

  • 11 October 2016
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I've started to create a website "everything sonos" and I'm looking for input from everyone to make it better. I'm interested in your personal videos to show people all the ways people use sonos to give everyone ideas. For example, I have looked all over youtube to find a video of someone who has connected a sonos connect to DAC, then to a high quality amp. I've heard of people installing on their yachts and motorhomes, etc. Within the website I also have a page of suggested purchases for your sonos. This includes cables, connectors, favorite speakers, DAC's, amps, etc. If you go to my site and have some suggestions to make it better I will keep working on it. Just go to the site, click on the contact page and send me a message. I have a long way to go, but I have to start somewhere.

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2 replies

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A lot of old Play:5 photos may confuse some - may want to mention there are 2 models and difference.
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Why have you left out the Play 3?

You might like to at explain that else Sonos may not be too happy.

I like the section on Automation. But, I'd re-write it if I were you - "I have to open the app, go to the zones, select a zone, click on group, select the zones I want grouped, back out of that page and select what station I want to play. Then I have to go to each volume of the 8 zones and fine tune it to where I want them. Then I’m ready to go. Its a total of 21 steps every morning. There is an easier way for common things like this."
I don't think readers need to have the moan rammed down their throats - For me (Ok I only have 4 Zones) I find the handling of Grouping of rooms (why call them zones? Sonos doesn't) to be trivially easy so when I read a paragraph that makes it sound like some terrible chore I only get half way before I give up.
Frankly automation must offer way more benefit than what you describe in that paragraph else it's dead in the water.