Connecting Sonos One to Google Home Mini

  • 26 December 2017
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Can Sonos speakers connect to a Google home mini (after Google assistant is supported) like they can with other sonos speakers? For example, the way sonos speakers can play the same music in separate rooms on multiple sonos speakers, can he same be done with a sonos speaker and a Google home mini?

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5 replies

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I don't know about Sonos One but you can connect Google Mini to Chromecast device to Sonos Play 5.
Actually, Kumar, I just realized that it should not be a problem for me. Wouldn't you be able to tell the assistant to play the music on Sonos only just as you can tell it to play music on the TV only and not on the Assistant speaker at the same time? That way you don't have the delay interference. Only becomes a problem if you need the Google Home speaker as part of a group of speakers in the same room but that's not how I'd use it.
Kumar, that is very interesting information about the delay. That would indeed affect my listening situation. Not great.
Since it can be done with Echo/Dot, there is no reason why this will not be possible with Google. But as with Echo, Sonos speakers will all play with a slight delay, although in perfect sync with each other. This will be a distraction if speakers are in the same room or such that sound from the Google can be heard where Sonos is playing or vice versa.
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Hey there, Ringac. Thanks for posting on the Community. There is no new information regarding the integration of Google Home into Sonos. In the meantime, I'll be happy to forward this along as a feature request to the team.