Connecting existing speakers to Sonos

  • 27 November 2017
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I have a connect AND a connect amp and yes, I connected a standard speaker to the amp and it worked fine.

the wireless speakers I have are Sound Appeal outdoor speakers

Miccus RTX is a wireless TX/RX that can be used (I assume) to transmit a wireless signal to wireless speakers OR receive a signal and be used as a distance booster for longer range

the taotronics is also a TX/RX that can be used (also assumed) to receive the signal from the Miccus and then power the wireless speakers

I hooked the miccus from line out on both the connect and amp (separately, in an effort to troubleshoot), set to TX mode, paired it to the taotronics, and tried to pair it to the speakers... no joy

i also tried hooking the taotronics to the line out and reversing the set up (TX from taotronics to RX on the miccus)...

nothing worked...

the goal is have the Sonos inside, and have a pair of WIRELESS speakers out back on my deck, and out front on my porch...

the speakers pair with my phone and will stream from music there but that is not how I want it to work


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2 replies

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It sounds like the problem is mainly the pairing between the Miccus and the speakers. Some things to check first:

It doesn't appear that the speakers have any inputs, so you can't test from the Connect direct to the speakers. However, you should be able to try other steps.

A. Connect to speakers with your phone or other Bluetooth source and make sure things are working there
B. Set up the Miccus as a transmitter, then connect it to another Bluetooth speaker or headphones to test. If it connects, then use a known good source connected to the inputs on the Miccus and see if you get audio on the headphones..
C. If you have anything with just inputs, like computer speakers or a stereo, connect the Connect OUT to the new device, and make sure the Connect is playing something to see if the Sonos side is configured properly.

If you can get all three of these steps working, then try the whole system:

A. Connect OUT to Miccus IN
B. Set the Miccus as a transmitter
C. Connect the outdoor speakers to the Miccus via Bluetooth pairing procedure.

The procedure would be the same with the Taotronics - you need one or the other for your application, not both.

Assuming I haven't made any typos, this should help you narrow it down to whatever is causing the problem.

thank you sir, i will print this out and check...

i failed to mention that the speakers WILL work through my phone and that is ok... but i dont want to listen to my phone... if that makes sense

i will try what you have suggested and post back here with the results...

thanks again!