Connect DVD audio to Roam

  • 13 January 2022
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I want to connect DVD audio wirelessly to my Sonos amp & ceiling speakers via Roam. 
I think there should be Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth enabled DVD or Bluetooth-ray players out there.

Does this sound doable? If so should I go for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the Roam?

Any other advice welcome!

6 replies

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This Sony Blu-ray player is Bluetooth compatible. You could pair the Blu-ray player with the Roam over Bluetooth and then group the Sonos Amp to the Roam… but I’m not sure how reliable this connection will be. Audio quality over Bluetooth is not the best either.

Are you not able to connect the Amp directly to a TV with HDMI ARC and then just connect the DVD/Blu-ray player to one of the TV’s HDMI ports? This would be a much more reliable connection with much better sound quality.

Thanks, that’s a great start.

in more detail, I’m using a ceiling mounted Optoma projector to view the video output of a dvd. At present the only audio I have is from the projector hence trying to get the audio into my Sonos.
I can’t get a line in between the DVD player & amp because I don’t want visible wires going across the room. 


I should have added.
I have HDMI running through the ceiling & down wall between projector & DVD player. I also have an unused USB power out cable running the same route, could I use that cable as a line in? 

Hi GuitarSuperstar,

I now have the Sony Blu-ray you suggested & that’s connected easily with Roam on Bluetooth & sound is ok. But I can connect Roam to Amp. Amp Is connected to a pair of architectural speakers.
Any suggestions?


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Read this article:

That’s worked! 
thanks very much, wouldn’t have done it without your assistance.