Concerning Sonos SUBS

  • 9 January 2019
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I've had two PLAY5's for almost a month now, and I loved them. So I decided I wanted more bass, and went ahead and purchased a Sonos SUB. But after a few days with them, I feel they are extremely weak. It sounds like more bass is coming from both my PLAY5's then the SUB itself. I've adjusted the levels in settings many times but still nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? Did I just buy a dud or damaged SUB by chance? Can I get some help? I've sent in an email to them, but I want opinions from the community and their experiences and what you guys think.

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6 replies

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Run Trueplay on your setup.

What music are you playing, does it have a lot of content below 100 Hz?
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That is unusual as the sub is pretty strong. It is very noticeable when you have sonos sub setup.
I have an android. It doesn't have trueplay.
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Hi there, itsxtai. At home, I have a pair of Play:5's and a pair of One's both paired with a Sub. Since the Ones are much smaller and do not have the drivers to push as low a frequency as the Play:5, the Sub will compensate appropriately. This means if you compare Sub performance with a pair of Ones and a pair of Play:5s, the Sub will likely not feel like it's driving as "hard". This is because the Play:5's are capable of going pretty low on their own. A few customers have asked for the ability to adjust the crossover frequency (myself included). If you'd like, I'd be happy to add you to the list.

That being said, if you want a bit more "oomph" in the lower frequencies, you should be able to adjust the Sub volume individually in the room settings.

If the lower end feels like its missing altogether, you may want to continue talking with the support team via the already existing email thread or give them a call. If it turns out to be a hardware problem, they should be able to get this sorted for you.
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I have two of the Sonos subs and they both work very well.
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I run two P:5 (gen2) stereo pairs, one with SUB, one without. The SUB makes a definite difference, but it's not 'night and day' because -- as others have observed -- the P:5s themselves have very good bass.