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Sonos now finally support Apple's multiroom technology, AirPlay 2, so Apple users can send any audio from their devices to Sonos speakers. Make symmetric step towards Android users and make Sonos speakers Chromecast available so we can send any sound from our devices to Sonos speakers. It's also make possible to cast to Sonos numerous music services without integration to app so it's very useful for users. Even cheap JBL and Sony speakers are compatible with Chromecast and Riva Wand speakers support both Airplay and Chromecast, Why Sonos users can't do this?
Now I can't cast music from Deezer or Youtube Music apps to Sonos speakers and it's very sad. Please when you make Google Assistant available unlock Chromecast compatibility! Don't left your customers without Chromecast support!
#ChromecastInSonos #FeatureRequest

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Hi there, thank you for your post. This is a great suggestion and I can definitely see the obvious benefit of it, being an Android user myself. I would very much like it if it were introduced as well. I will be sure to forward it to the necessary department. Do let us know if you need anything else. Many thanks.

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