Can playbase be used as a stand alone speaker for music?

  • 23 June 2020
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I just ordered Arc that will replace the playbase.  The upgrade to arc was to go with a TV that supports Dolby atmos/vision.  I was going to use the playbase as a stand alone speaker in another room (different room from Arc location) using wireless connection for music.  My system has been upgraded to the S2 controller/software.  Will I have any issues with both playbase and arc set up on the same network system?

1 reply

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HI @mchop,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and Thanks for reaching out.


I would like to confirm, yes you can definitely make use of your Playbase as a music speaker since they are multi purpose speaker that can cater both music and Home Theater system. This link would guide you on the different specification, features and limitation of the Sonos Playbase.


To answer your question if you will be having issues with both the Playbase and Arc set up on the same network system using the S2 app, There will be no issues even if both are set up on the same network. Here is a link on S1 and S2 compatible Sonos devices.


Please let me know if you still have further concerns and We, here in the Sonos community will be more than happy to help.