Can my Play 5 gen 1 be used in stereo with Play 5 gen 2?

  • 15 February 2017
  • 4 replies

Want to know if I should find a Play 5 gen 1 for stereo or can I use a new gen 2

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4 replies

No, you can't.

It is only possible to connect two Play:5 Gen 1's and - (Gen 2).
They both are a complete different speaker, with both another software.
The only thing they have in common is their name, because it's the biggest Play model of the Sonos line.
Maybe in the future there will be a software update, but for now, you can't stereo a Gen1 with a Gen 2
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I believe... and I am open to being corrected, that you are both right and wrong mennogroen...

I understand that you can only pair two of the same model speaker...

I also believe that this is a function of the sonic differences between the speakers. Not a software issue. The two P5s are very different. I'm fairly certain a stereo pair between the two wouldn't be very satisfactory given the fundamental differences between speakers. Likewise you can't pair a 5 and a 3... etc....
SHARKB8T is correct, the same model pairing is due to sonic differences, not any software limitation. Pairing two unlike models would not sound good at all. It would be like having an Martin Logan speaker on the left and a Klipsch on the right of your traditional stereo.
One reason why the gen 2 should have been named different - a play 6? Or even 7 seeing the Sonos preference for odd numbers? Internally and in use, it is a day/night difference.