Can every one please test this songs on sonos one. Both by drake

  • 24 May 2019
  • 2 replies

Basically im playing this song both by drake. The intro part when played on a phone or laptop sounds like he sayiing southsidee. However on my sonos 1 it sounds like its cracked or distorted. Can everyone please test it out for the sake of my sanity haha. Thanks a million, and please let me know is it normal or is my speaker gone 😞

2 replies

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Which streaming service(s) are you using? It could very well be slightly different tracks depending on the service used.

Also possible that you're listen to an album version versus a radio edit version.
Im using spotify. Its fine when i play on the laptop or my phone, but on the speaker the intro sounds muffled for that song. Can you try it on your speaker please? The part where he says southside