Bought a Beam to pair with Sub - what is value of Gen 1 Play 5's?

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Got myself a Beam to go with my Sub and the new TV. Previously used a Gen 1 Play 5 pair plugged in via analog. Very happy with the new setup so no intention to keep the old Play 5 pair.

I'm going to be selling the old Play 5 pair locally on Craigslist. What is a fair price for them in 2019? I was thinking $250 sounds right or is that high now given the 2nd Gen Play 5's cost $500 new?

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In case anyone wondering, I sold one for $240 locally. Got an offer for $220 on the other. $200 - $225 seems to be the range on eBay too. Good to see the equipment holding its value at a decent rate given how old the Gen 1 Play 5 is now.

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