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I would like your thoughts on using bose acoustimass speakers with a ZP 100 in my bedroom. I am looking for a 2.1 setup with speakers that do not dominate the bedroom...I have heard mixed reports of Bose stuff. I was considering the small speakers and a sub from a different manufacturer as I understand the acoustimass sub is passive and I thought this would be too much for a ZP100 to drive...

Any thoughts gratefully recieved

I've just read the thread further down the page on the bose companion but I am looking for a better sound.
Does anybody have any other 2.1 recommendations

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I don't recommend using passive subwoofers from any manufacturer -- unless you are using a dedicated subwoofer amplifier and an external crossover. The ZP100 makes this arrangement particularly attractive because of its built-in subwoofer crossover. Athough power switching would not be so convenient, you could reuse an old receiver as the subwoofer amplifier.

Canton offers a range of attractive good sounding, very small speakers and powered subwoofers.
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Thanks Buzz, I was a bit dubious about passive crossovers...I will have a look at canton speakers
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I use Bose AM-3 speakers in my kitchen, sourced from a ZP-100...they sound just great for me.

The Bose bass unit is NOT a subwoofer, it is just a bass unit as there is no woofer in the cubes.

It's all subjective.
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I have 2 sets of Bose Acoustimass 3's hooked up to zp100's in my home. They both sound fine direct from the zone players. No complaints.
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I would suggest investigating an Orb Audio Mod 1 - 2.1 system.

I use a 5.1 system but when listening to music/Sonos use it in 2.1 mode. I'm sure it will sound better than the Bose 2.1 system though may not compete with high quality bookshelvers. They look great and discrete fro small rooms.


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