Bose cinemate 130 and Sonos

Hi There
I own 2x PLAY:1 that are paired to play stereo music in the family room. I also own a Bose Cinemate 130 soundbar and sub for the TV.
I would like the sub to play along the PLAY:1s, would Connect allow me to do so? not particularly interested in playing music on the soundbar.

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There may be some clunky workarounds that allow the Bose Sub to work with the 1 units, but I doubt it will work very well. A Connect wired to the inputs on the soundbar should allow that to play with the play 1 units and if the soundbar can be set so that only the Sub is heard, that might work.
better sell it and switch to Sonos, is it what you're saying?
Not really. I am not a fan of Sonos for TV and you need to do some research to not end up with a different set of issues with format compatibility there.

A safer option is to add Sonos Sub for just the 1 pair for music and leave the TV undisturbed. That would be more expensive than a Connect, but will deliver better/assured results.
yes I thought about that. Thanks for your answer

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