Better sound with spotify on Tv than the app in sonos

  • 16 April 2021
  • 1 reply


If I play music through Spotify on my TV, it sounds amazing, the sound is balanced pretty well between each speaker and the sub sounds great. But if I pick up my phone and start playing the same songs through the Sonos app, the quality is absolute garbage, it sounds completely drowned out, not nearly as loud despite the volume being the same and the surrounds are horrible, basically just playing the song as if they were unpaired, completely ruining the soundstage if you’re not sitting in the very center of the room.

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1 reply

A couple of points.

1. Volume bar at the same position is not the same as same volume. Sources vary in their volume and louder generally sounds better (although it isn't).

2.  Is your surround setting for music set to FULL or AMBIENT? It sounds like you want FULL.