Best placing for sonos Play:five (G2) pair

  • 21 November 2020
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Hi guys. 

I have a Play:5 (gen2) pair + Sub (Gen2) and I am just acquiring a sonos arc for my TV. I use my system both as Home theater and music system with a turntable plugged into one of the Play:5. I am planning to use the arc below the TV + my sub close to the TV and to put the pair of PLay:5 behind the sofa as an stereo pair for optimum souround sound, but I would like to ask you guys a doubt. 

Do you think that getting myself a wall mount for the Play:5 pair would really undermine their performance? It’s easier to mount them on the walls in my living room rather than putting them on a floor stand, but I am a bit scared because I've read some reviews saying that their performance drops quite a bit, mainly when speaking of their bass… (as I have a SUB and the arc, I don’t know if that would really be an issue...).

What do you guys think? Would you encourage me to buy the wall mounts? Or would you rather recommend me to try to solve my space problem (it’s not easy) and to get some wall mounts? 

Thanks a lot for your help guys!

1 reply

You have a slight issue. As soon as you set up the PLAY:5s as surrounds for the Arc, the line in connection is turned off. 

I’d recommend getting a pair of Sonos One SLs to use as surrounds, keep the PLAY:5s up front and continue to use the line in for your turntable/music needs. They’ll need to be a separate ‘room’ from the Arc, but that way you’ll get both the Home Theater setup from the Arc, Sub and Sonos One SLs, and keep the PLAY:5s for music, both streaming and the turntable. This is essentially the setup I have.