Beam intermittently playing weird noise

  • 19 June 2019
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My Beam started playing odd tones that sound like an old NES video game with aliens. They’re very random and happen when the speaker is not in use. I’ve heard them happen a couple times over the last few days. They can range from very loud to tiny murmurs. The best way I can describe them is “blBLLP” It’s like the sound Simon Belmont’s whip makes in Castlevania, or when your plane does a barrel roll in 1942.

I currently have a U-Turn Audio (record player) plugged into a Connect (which is connected via ethernet to an Eero router), Beam with two Apple Homepods about 2’ from it on either side, and two Play:1’s across the room in the back.

While I’m on this note, the Connect definitely stutters here and there or cuts out completely while listening to vinyl even though I have a blazing fast network and have never had any latency issues with any other software/streaming.

I’ve uploaded a diagnostic: 1725640716

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