BBC Radio 4 Tech Reporter tells UK that 'legacy' decision is ok, as Sonos kit is getting cheaper...

  • 23 January 2020
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Yes, you guessed it - the BBC’s ‘expert’ was indeed the one and only Rory Cellan-Jones - who told a couple of other ‘mis-statements’ as well.

Usually I find him mildly amusing, but in this case not so much.

It was on today’s Radio 4 You and Yours programme just after 12.30. The always sharp presenter, Winifred Wotsit, was not convinced.

Schedule here:

I’ve already used the Contact button to point out that RC-J was talking rubbish when he said Sonos had been getting cheaper* - which he was clearly using as a way of defending the indefensible.

(I doubt he is even aware of the Ikea tie up, so was not referring to that possibility)

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