B&O BeoSound 2 (gen1) connection to Sonos

  • 22 November 2020
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I am considering to buy Sonos for my home cinema. I currently have a BeoSound 2 (1st gen) in another room and would like to use that in Sonos as an additional multi room speaker. Is this possible?

Can the speaker be integrated into Sonos if I buy one of the Sonos home cinema solutions?

thank you so much for helping me out on this so that I can decide whether to buy Sonos or not.



2 replies

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You won’t be able to within the Sonos app itself though you might be able to use Airplay if you’re an Apple user to send music to both brands from an iPhone etc.

No idea how effective the syncing would be though but that might not matter if the devices are apart in different rooms.


If you’re looking for full integration (for example sending movie sound from a Sonos home theatre setup to your B&O gear) then it’s a no unfortunately.

I believe the BeoSound 2 has a line-in port, which means a ‘Sonos Port’ could be added to it to play all Sonos Audio. Music audio should be fine and in sync, but you may find a small 75ms audio delay with TV audio output, but that’s should be fine if the speaker placement is in a different room.


There are some audio adjustment (delay) buffer options in anycase within the Sonos App settings for TV audio-out to a HT device and it’s bonded speakers to help them play in sync with other ‘grouped’ speakers called ‘TV Dialog Sync’ so that may assist if the speaker is moved to the same room. Sometimes the slight audio delay to all is not apparent with the video showing on the TV.