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  • 13 March 2017
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I would like to ask a question about how to connect a couple of things with Sonos wireless system.
Here is the thing, I just starting to create a home theater and in it I would like to have, my laptop, PS4, satellite decoder and maybe someday a NAS media server I don’t know …
My video output is for the moment a projector.
My audio output … well I wanted it to be a Sonos Playbar that I could enhance with a Subwoofer and 2 rear speakers.
So, I thought that I must need some sort of “middle piece”, something that connects everything and I thought of a Receiver right … connect laptop, PS4, decoder and media server to it, and the video output to the projector and the audio would connect via Bluetooth … of course … right?
Is this even possible? I would like to have as wireless as possible. I know I have to have one cable to my projector … ok … but cables to all the speakers seems so … don’t know I mean it’s 2017 hahaha
What can I do?

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2 replies

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Hi mrMallorca

That setup will not be possible as Sonos does not support Bluetooth.
You will need an optical cable connection between your receiver and the Play bar as its the only connection method supported for TV audio.
All your sources connects to the receiver, with video out going to the projector and audio out via optical going to the Play bar.
At a latter date you can add the sonos surrounds and the sub all of which will be/can be wireless. you may want to connect one of your sonos speakers to your router to activate SonosNet for a more stable connection or use a boost to archive the same if none of your sonos speakers are near the router (I have my play bar wired to my router )

You can stream music from your media server to all your Sonos speakers wirelessly if it is also connected to the same network

I hope that helps
But what happens when ou connect a Receiver with amplifier capabilities with the Sonos Playbar that also is active?