Arranging 3 speakers in one room?

  • 24 July 2018
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Currently I have two Play:1 speakers stereo paired in my office. I want to be able to AirPlay from iTunes so I bought a new Sonos One which is AirPlay compatible. Any thoughts on how to beat arrange the three speakers? Should I replace one of the stereo paired Play:1 speakers with the Sonos One and take the Play:1 home or is there a configuration using 2 Play:1 speaker’s and a Sonos One that would improve the sound over just a stereo pair?

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2 replies

From a sound quality improvement perspective, there usually is little point in adding a third speaker unless the space is large enough to need one in distant parts of the space. On the other hand, the sound of a 1 pair can't be met by a single One.

Ideally, get another One for the office and take the 1 pair home.

There is of course no harm in trying how three speakers playing as one group sound in the room, experimenting with different speaker placement. If you find something that works, use it that way.
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I kind of like the addition of a third speaker grouped to a stereo pair. I usually try to put them in an equilateral triangle with the mono speaker to my rear. While I wouldn't buy a speaker to have this setup I have a Play 1 that I use as a portable and it might as well see some use as a third speaker when it isn't being used elsewhere.

Since you can't pair a Play 1 and Sonos One your mix and match options are limited if you want stereo.