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Has anyone heard if Arc Gen 2 is coming out anytime soon?


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It’s not been out long enough to need a Gen 2. 

It’s not that it “needs” a gen 2, I just don’t want to buy it and have gen 2 come out a few months later.  I have 2 beams and then gen 2 came out...I’m looking to upgrade one of them with an Arc.

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You will never see Sonos giving advance warning of a new product, and even less so the Gen 2 versions.  The ARC is one of the newest products with the latest spec of memory and processor so I would assume any refresh or new gen would be years away.  It’s not like the Beam where they added Atmos. 

The ARC has all the latest specs.  There was an ARC SL released that removed the voice control/microphone but otherwise the same product.  What are you thinking a GEN2 would offer?

Thanks for the reply.  As I previously mentioned, I don't want to spend 800 only to have the next gen come out in a few months.  There are no specific features I am hoping to see added.  The Arc certainly is top of the line.

I would be really surprised to see an Arc (gen2) appear within the next couple of years, that’s just personally speaking, simply because the Arc is still right at the forefront of what the A/V services are presently offering and many of those services still have to catch up with Dolby Atmos, HiRes audio etc. 

I do have the Arc already, but if I didn’t, I would not hesitate to go out and buy it today, as I can’t imagine Sonos updating it for quite a while.

There are many other devices in the Sonos line-up that were released before the Arc, so I would expect those to perhaps be updated before the Arc receives any attention from the Sonos engineers.


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Has anyone heard if Arc Gen 2 is coming out anytime soon?

Best answer: NO

@GC3 Is there a reason to yell??  GOT IT!

I know nothing of any new release. That being said, sonos has a way of keeping a tight lid regarding any release, even within the company. If you really are worried, just purchase from You will have a 100 day money back guarante policy to help you out. 😉 best of luck.


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Thank you.

Would be nice to see a Gen 2 with a 2nd HDMI 2.1 for pass through. Just bought a Sony A80J and one of the 2.1 ports is used with the ARC