Any Ideas about 4 Play:1's as a dual stereo pair

  • 29 November 2016
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What would 4 Play 1's with two on one side & two on the other both grouped as stereo pairs sound like? Would that simply increase the volume & bass or would there be distortion?

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5 replies

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The music that you will be playing in Stereo (unless it was recorded in Mono) is intended to be listened to in Stereo - this means that you will get the best experience in the "sweet-Spot" of the speakers. Basically where the sound coming from the speakers intersects will be a region where the stereo effect is best.

If you have 2 Stereo pairs grouped you would need to have the sweet spot of each pair intersecting and position yourself there to ensure the best stereo.

But I don't think it would be an improvement on one pair of Play1s - They don't have massive Bass anyway so that isn't going to be improved. I can't imagine there would be any distortion - I just don't see the benefit.

Get a pair of Play 5s
Ditto what Stuart said
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Ok thanks
My original intentions when I entertained investing into the sonos ecosystem was to do exactly that, four play 1's, grouped together and outside under a gazebo, wish me luck
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I have 4 play1's as a dual stereo pair with a sub in my living room and dining room and there is no distortion. It sounds great. I originally went with 2 play5 and didn't like it because you could tell the 2 directions the sound was coming from with the 4 play1 you can't tell where the music is coming from. I like it better. - Kris