Ant Colony in Sonos One

  • 10 December 2019
  • 3 replies

I was shocked and disgusted to find a whole colony of ants living in my Sonos one, in my living room. Don’t know what to do. When I lifted the speaker after seeing the trail of ants around it, these white little beads fell out of the speaker. My hand was also immediately infested with hundreds of ants. Not only am I traumatized, but I have no idea what to do to get them out and save my speaker. 

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3 replies

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You're not the first!, putting the speaker in a sealed bag and freezing it MAY be the best option but contact Sonos support before you do that..

Here’s a thread that may help you:

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That’s always a real pest of a problem to have come up. Ants and other insects can be drawn to all sorts of electronics, they’re warm, dark, dry, and feel pretty safe for a hive. Some good options in that thread BCM linked. Also, another option is to try unplugging the unit from power, to let it cool down and be less interesting. I’ve heard some stories about carefully placing the speaker over a bucket of water, suspended over the water by something stable so that it doesn’t accidentally fall in. The ants don’t like having a hive with such proximity to water and may leave on their own.