Anker Nebulla Max projector with Sonos Beam

  • 15 October 2021
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I know Sonos beam does not have bluetooth. I would like to know if it is possible to connect directly (wireless) a Sonos Beam via Airplay using Netflix, Prime or Flex in order to have the sound from the Sonos Beam speaker ?



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9 replies

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You might be able to connect an AirPlay-compatible media device, like an Apple TV 4K, to the Nebula and then set up the Apple TV to send the audio to the Beam over AirPlay. I’m not sure how reliable this setup would be though. You might experience audio sync problems and general connection issues. I’m also not sure if some streaming apps like Netflix will support sending audio over AirPlay.

Thank you for your answer but I would like to have more details please. 

I don't know if you knew, the Nebulla already has the Android 8.1 operating system and it says on their website that there is Airplay with it. Without adding an Apple TV, would it be possible to launch Netflix and put an airplay speaker like the Sonos Beam as an option in "volume output" (which is possible with an Apple TV)?

Thanks for your help,

In fact, in my previous apartment, I had a Led Zeppelin Air speaker with AirPlay + BenQ Projector link to an Apple TV, and the system worked perfectly: the Apple TV sent the image via HDMI cable to the projector and the sound via Airplay to the speaker, with no lag between image and sound. 

Could it work the same way between the Nebulla projector with Android 8.1 + Airplay integrated with the Sonos Beam? 

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Can the Nebula send audio over AirPlay or does it just receive audio and video over AirPlay?

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So you want to send audio to Sonos and images to the Nebula? I do not think Airplay can do this. Just tried to Airplay a Youtube stream from my iPad and in the list of  Airplay capable devices I can only select either an audio or a video device, not both at the same time.

Ok maybe I was not clear enough. 

my goal is to connect Nebulla to Sonos Beam wireless. If Sonos Beam would support Bluetooth, it would have been very easy and I would have use it like a normal speaker as I do now, starting the Nebulla and pairing it in the Bluetooth settings. 

Nebulla already have an android software inside. I would like to know how to pair it to the Sonos Beam. 

thank you for your help 

The Sonos Beam does not have standard Bluetooth, only Bluetooth Low Energy, which is used to set up the speaker (WiFi information). It can not receive audio across Bluetooth. 

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I cannot think of a way to connect the Beam wirelessly to the Nebula. The Beam is made to connect to a TV-source by HDMI cable.

Ok thank you for your help, I will not buy it so.