An observation from a long time user

  • 4 June 2021
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I've been a Sonos user since 2010. I started with a Play 5 gen 1, then bought a Connect Amp, swapping to a Connect a couple of years later. Five years later I bought a Sub and two Play 1s. Used a boost gen 1 (called something else) and then a boost. 

Initially I had some interference issues, big microwave in the kitchen. But the I had 7 or 8 years of completely trouble free listening, networked hard disk and streaming via Deezer.

And then........? I think it started with the new Sonos app, the lack of support for old gear (play 5, Connect) etc. Sonos bombarded me with adverts for the new app, I couldn't turn off the advert that appeared on the old controller.

Then I found that support for Tunein radio got worse, couldn't listen to pre aired radio shows.

I took the fateful decision to split my system, I didn't need multi room throughout the house. That ruined everything, the system is now so unstable. S1 is not too bad, Sonos is unreliable. Can't use boost with Sonos. Tried support, but I'm a long term user and I'm familiar with the network issues advice.

I was a major Sonos supporter, years of trouble free listening, something has gone very wrong.

Not withstanding the withdrawal of support for old gear and the hard sell on bricking perfectly good equipment, an outlook which is pretty disappointing whichever way you dress it up.

I don't need any advice on how to fix the issues I'm experiencing. But as a long term user I think it is fair that I am able to share my journey /experience with Sonos. 

1 reply

Thanks for sharing your experience. 

All of the issues you describe suggest some sort of networking issues, more than anything else, but you’ve indicated no desire for fix the issues, so I won’t go through the normal troubleshooting steps. 

I too have been a customer since pretty close to the beginning, and have experienced only the rare issues, which I’ve been able to resolve with some minor troubleshooting efforts on my network. Sonos continues to work well for me across 20+ speakers.