amp and 2 play:1s for christmas. some won't connect

the amp wouldn't connect. using my iphone x, went through the steps... all good, press and release the 2 buttons... then it times out. does,t connect.

so after messing with it for a while, i moved on to a play:1.... connected just fine and plays music great...

did the 2nd play:1, and it is having the same problem as the AMP.

they are plugged directly into my router, and when i pull up my router's UI from my PC, i see all 3 devices connected to the network.

i tried unplugging them for a while and trying again. i have tried restarting my router. Can both be broke? Are they just buggy. why would one of the 3 devices work fine and instantly and the other 2 not work at all. feels they cant both be defective?

thanks for any help!


Best answer by jgatie 1 January 2018, 18:09

Once you get one connected with the wireless credentials, the rest just connect to that one.
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The firmware could be out of date. Try adding them after wiring them to an ethernet port on your router. If they connect, allow them to update, then setup the wireless credentials and deploy wirelessly.
they been plugged in to ethernet from the moment i pulled them out of the box? how long would they take to update? they been plugged in and showing up on my network map for hours and still dont connect.
They don’t update on their own, you have to choose the option in the Controller app, under settings. Look for online updates. Click on that.

You can see what version each speaker and the app are on by looking under ‘About My Sonos System’. Each speaker will have its own line with the data, and the controllers version will be at the top of that page.
But the whole issue is that I can’t get 2 of the 3 to connect using the app, so they don’t show up.

Says the one that is connected is up to date.
So connect them to the router with an ethernet cable. They should show up at that point.

You don't have to do them all at the same time, if you don't have enough space to attach cables to your router, it's entirely feasible to do them one at a time.
OK, I should have gone back and reread this thread. Gimme a minute to think. 🙂
OK, somehow this isn't making any sense to me either. Since you said they're new and fresh out of the box, there shouldn't be any reason why a factory reset couldn't be done, since you haven't had any playlists set up on your system yet.

Once you've done the factory reset, connect the CONNECT:AMP to the router with an ethernet cable, and do the normal setup process. Go ahead and connect the other two speakers with ethernet cables so they show up in your controller app. Then check in Settings for Online Updates.

Oh, jeez. I just processed your first post all the way.

I suspect you are only running a 5Ghz network on your wifi. The Sonos requires a connection on 2.4Ghz. You need to enable and set up the Sonos system to connect to that. That's why all three devices are showing up while connected with an ethernet cable, but not when disconnected. But it does confuse me as to why one speaker works, unless it was connected to the router with an ethernet cable when you tested it.

Now, I may be misinterpreting your post. If so, can you be more specific about whether or not the CONNECT:AMP is connected to your router with an ethernet cable or not? Any more specific information that you can provide would be appreciated.
I never connected the 2 devices to WiFi, never made it that far in the process.
So I don’t think it is the 5g thing.

The amp and the play:1’s are all directly connected to my router with an ethernet cable.

I was never able to get the controller to show the amp or one play:1.

The amp. Straight out of box. Plugged in ethernet, plugged in speakers, plugged in power.

Downloaded app and followed directions to set up Sonos amp and connect it to the app. Made my account. Etc.

Early in the process when the light blinks green I press the top two buttons simultaneously then release as the app says, then it eventually says can’t connect.

I pulled a play:1 out of the box followed the same process, got the the point where I press the two buttons, I hear a chime and the app instantly said connected and moved through the rest of the processes.

Opened the next play:1 and the same thing that happens to the amp, it won’t connect.
But the app asks me, when I add a player, it shows both the devices, since they are plugged in with ethernet. My router ui shows all 3 devices.

The two won’t connect to the player. No idea why. I’m afraid I’m going to have to return them. Hoping we can find a fix.
You think a factory reset would help? I’ll read up on how to do that tomorrow.

I appreciate you trying to help!!
fyi, a factory reset didn't help. the app sees them to add, but fails to add them every time.

the problem is with the app i guess.... i downloaded sonos program to my PC and they added just fine.... although, it never asked me for my wifi pass on the newest 2 additions? does sonos network automatically do all new devices with my wifi pass since i entered it for the first device? or do i need to enter them each individually... late for work, so i will play with this later.

thanks for your help!
Once you get one connected with the wireless credentials, the rest just connect to that one.