Advice re Sonos Mesh vs Wifi

Have set up new Sonos speaker no problem but when I place it in the room I bought it for it won't connect to Sonos although there is perfect wifi in the room. It is an old house with thick walls - does this mean the new location is too far away from the other Sonos speakers to work?


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What if you move that speaker to another room, such as your living room?

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How are your other Sonos speakers set up? Are they using SonosNet (Wired) or are they hanging off your Wi-Fi signal? If you move this speaker to another plug in the room, does it work? If you connect this speaker to power in your living room, does it connect?

None of the speakers are wired. I will check the power source though - Thanks

Heh. That’s good, but wasn’t what I was actually thinking ;). I was thinking there may be a dead spot, in either the SonosNet mesh, or in your Wi-Fi signal in that location. Moving to another plug was my feeble attempt to get you to move the speaker location slightly in the room. I have a ‘dead’ spot for Wi-Fi in my kitchen, despite the fact that it’s five bars strong merely a foot away. 

And that ‘dead’ spot is there for some devices, but not my phone. I suppose it has to do with antenna, and interference rejection on the device. 

Have changed the power source but the speaker does not appear on the Sonos App 


What if you move that speaker to another room, such as your living room?

It is close to the wifi node so I have moved it and seems to be working now!! Thanks very much for your help

Too close is just as bad as too far away ;)

If none of the speakers is wired, the distance from other speakers is not relevant as SonosNet is not operating. What happens if you swap locations for this speaker and another one that is currently working?

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Thanks for your suggestion!