Ac 45W USB-C for sonos move

  • 6 October 2019
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Looking for any recommendations for a ac 45W USB-C for the sonos move. I've already tried a couple and they do not work.
My mobile phone charger, the 1 out my power bank and (I just bought 1 from amazon also nothing.. They all work fine while charging my mobile phone.

3 replies

I recommend this one: 

USB C Charger, Anker 60W Power Delivery Fast Charger [PIQ 3.0 & GaN], PowerPort Atom III Power Adapter


Along with a cable like this:

Anker Powerline USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable (3ft) with Power Delivery for USB Type-C Devices

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I have purchased and tested the accessories in the link. They work! Cheers!