2 sets of speakers in one room

I want to add two more speakers to a fairly large room.  Right now I have a sonos connect controlling a power amp and two speakers.  If I just add another sonos connect, what are the odds that the two sets of speakers will be out of sync?  Am I better off getting a speaker selector and running both sets of speakers through my existing power amp?

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You could just get a 4 channel amp.  However, getting another Connect would be no problem, because the output from the two Connects when grouped will be in perfect sync.  If there is no post processing from the amp, the streams will be identical.
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Key is that your existing amp doesn't do any processing as Jgatie mentioned.  If it is just an amp and not a surround receiver then you should be fine.
Thanks for your help!  It's just a 2-channel power amp, so I don't think there would be any processing problem.  It's gonna save me a lot of wiring hassle if I don't have to run wire from one amp to four different speakers.


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