1 Play5 vs pair of Play 1s

  • 30 October 2013
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30 replies

I don't have any experience with the Play:1s, but I have stereo paired some Play:3s to compare back and forth with a single Play:5. The stereo separation was really noticeable and appreciated, but the difference in bass was very substantial. It was more than I expected and enough to make me personally prefer the single Play:5 for that big living room. I would think the difference to the Play:1s would be even bigger.

What I haven't tried is adding the Sub to the pair of 3s. I might play with that this weekend.
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what about a pair of play 1's vs a play 3?
Kind of the same answer. A Play 3 is smaller with a lower "top volume" and bass output level compared to a Play 5 but is louder and larger than the Play 1s, still with the same limitations regarding stereo image.

So if volume is not key or small footprint (and/or humidity tolerance) are, then a pair of Play 1s might well be better than a single Play 3 or Play 5.

Of course if the stereo image on a Play3/5 becomes an issue you can always add another to gain the best of worlds - good stereo and thumping volume!
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Something else to think about: Play:1 is better suited for bathrooms than Play:5 ('Humidity Resistant').
I was wondering the same, what about a pair of play 1's vs a play 3?
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Depends on your needs; volume, best stereo image, size/space available etc.

If you need volume and/or better base a Play 5 will be better but for stereo image a pair of Play 1s would work best.

Just my 2d worth!