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STOP IT ALREADY WITH THE UPDATES! I have 5 systems and 19 devices. Constant updates make me hate this system. If you feel like you keep needing to fix what you messed up in the last software build...

Can Sonos implement customers good ideas more quickly!

There are so many good ideas on here that have been "under consideration" for months sometimes years. My idea is that Sonos become more decisive, take on some more engineers and get a move on and tur...

Something simple for the kitchen

Aloha gents and ladies! I don't currently have any Sonos products, but I love the concept! So, I was wondering if the great community here have an idea or suggestions to the best speaker/setup to get...

Connect colour

I know it's only cosmetic but I would prefer a connect in black. Does anyone agree?

Best CURRENT option for connecting to Google Home

Like many of you, I've got a combination of Sonos and Homes in my life. Unfortunately I only currently have two Play 1s but I'm desperate to find a way to cast music via my Homes, to my Sonos. As...

Conclusion: Just get the Sonos

Good idea. If you’re looking for a $200 speaker, you simply can’t beat the Sonos One. https://www.cnet.com/news/best-wi-fi-speakers-under-200-sonos-vs-jbl-vs-bose-and-more/

New to Sonos - Get it all !!

I'm new to Sonos. I just received and setup my Sonos Beam, Sub and 2x Play 1s yesterday. I have a small / medium apartment. I had been using an old cheap 'home theater in a box' sound system that wa...

Rejoin group when powered off and on

Could we have a product improvement which makes any device that has been powered off automatically rejoin a group if it was a member when it powers back on. That way I can move a unit outside if I wa...

Tipping Point - Sonos vs. Voice

I'm at a tipping point - I absolutely love Sonos - first and foremost because of it's ease of use - listening to your favorite music in less than a minute out of the box, the ease of searching and pla...

Have Playbar, adding two play 1's for surround sound- do I NEED sub?

I currently have a playbar set up with optical audio cable providing all audio from my 65" LED tv. I have just ordered two play 1's to complement my home theater experience for surround sound....they...

Back Yard Wedding Setup

So I'm planning a back yard wedding , im looking to use sonos as my Music system right now I have a pair of play 1's . I'm debating what to get to boost the system as I don't think they will be enough...

Play:5 Defective Hardware

My Play:5 died 2.5 years in, due to a hardware failure as diagnosed by the Sonos team. I spent $500 on that speaker and the Sonos response was to offer me a "discounted" $350 replacement speaker ($850...

Just Went Full Sonos

I've had your typical "big iron" A/V setup for years. B&W 603 front and center speakers w/dipole surrounds, Hsu VTF-3 15" sub, Denon receiver, etc. We're moving and I'm getting rid of all of it and go...

Stereo pair Play:1's + SUB, my experience and story of how I adopted them

I've finally finished my investment into getting two Play:1's and a SUB. I just want to share my experience with it for anyone that is curious. How does it sound? Was the SUB setup easy? Does adding t...

Too many updates

System does come up after updates - crap system and wish I never purchased....

Shambolic & Frustrating experience attempting to purchase from Sonos Shop in Europe

Ordered yesterday from Europe shop (12.00 BST). In seconds I received confirmation from Paypal. 24 hrs later there was still no confirmation from Sonos. So, I phoned Sales contact number (Netherl...

Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands - Impressions

Hello I purchased a pair of the Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands_Sonos One/Play 1/Play 3_to mount a pair of Sonos One's. In the past I'd always gone with Flexson but I decided to give the Sanus brand...

Sonos Components: Best Configuration - Let's Talk

I’ve read a lot of comments/questions regarding the following: 1) Play 1 vs. Play 3 vs. Play 5 2) Best Stereo Pair: Play 1 or Play 3 3) Sub with Play 1 or Play 3 as Stereo Pair 4) Sound Bar vs....

Options for passing through Home Receiver output to SONOS network

I'm not a current SONOS customer, so I'm trying to get the answer to the following: I understand that the SONOS Connect is used to feed SONOS audio sources to an existing amplifier/receiver system....

Getting started

Just joined you guys,I need you guys advice on what I need for my music,home theatre questions,please help

Sonos without music

Hi I like the sonos concept and am thinking of getting a couple of Play 1 speakers However ..... I rarely listen to music, instead I listen to podcasts, Audiobooks and iPlayer Radio Doing some web...

home theatre, and whole house music

Hello, what do I need to purchase to setup a whole house system. I currently have 3 rooms setup, using my own speakers. LOVE IT. I am now doing a TV room and want to dual purpose the speakers to be...

Newbie with Older Equipment - Guidance on how to approach

I currently have a 10 year old receiver with a DVD Player. After moving to a new Apartment with a 13 x 25 Living Room, we'd like to use wireless speakers. Ideally, I'd like to hook up my TV to the r...

What equipment to get?

I want to go the Sonos route, but need some advice on structuring a layout. I provided details of my layout below, and apologize if this is too much information. As now I have a credenza 67", but h...

Setting up a multi-room Sonos system - a novice seeks recommendations and help

I am thinking of setting up a Sonos multi-room system in my house. I am very new to hi-fi and so would greatly appreciate any helpful comments or suggestions, particularly if anyone has any recommenda...


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