YOUR OPINION: Arc for Music (including Turntable)

  • 23 June 2020
  • 1 reply

My Setup: An Amp that I use to power my 2.1 system (floorstanding speakers). I plan to upgrade my tower speakers to ~$2,000/pair + Sub gen 2. 

My Use: 50/50 music + TV/movie. Sound quality for music is very important to me (hence why I’ve stuck with tower speakers instead of Sonos Five’s) - whether streaming or listening to my large vinyl collection. 


Lately I can’t stop thinking about whether or not it would be silly to change my whole setup to an Arc + Sub + surround set. I’m certain it would vastly improve movies (not just with atmos/surround but also dialogue clarity, since I’m unable to have a true center channel). But the idea of playing my turntable (via Sonos Port) to the Arc strikes me as silly.


For those who have listened to music on the Arc, what’s your opinion on using it as a serious music source? Ridiculous to compare it to high end tower speakers? Unsuitable for vinyl records? Or a serious contender that can fill the room and make me forget about my old 2.1 setup?

1 reply

There is no way the Arc is going to compared to your current music setup.  I would not replace your towers for music.   You may want to setup a separate room for movie playback to.  Whether or no you think it’s worth it depends on whether you watch shows/movies that are available in Atmos or not, as well as how well your room is laid out to reflect sound.


It might be a good idea to buy from Sonos and take advantage of their return policy.